Aios Electronic taxation

Land Tax Collection

The versatile solution enabling property taxation

AIOS ET was designed to enable public authorities to collect land related taxes using the payment instruments of their choice. 


With our streamlined approaches, government agencies can facilitate land tax collection by providing an efficient and convenient digital solution to citizens, thereby effectively engaging and ensuring an improved response from them.

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Key Features

Our complete solution for land tax collection is packed with practical features to ensure accurate superior results over past taxation methods. It does the following with great ease:

Provides the property taxation base

Ensures the property valuation based on local specific criteria

Generates property tax documents for back-office and property owners.

Integrates with local payment gateways for online fees and tax collection

Produces comprehensive reporting for property taxes, fees revenues and collection

What You Get with Our Land Tax Collection Solution

Taxpayer Self Service Portal

  • Full property & tax details online
  • Personalized taxpayer profile
  • Notifications for legal updates & taxes 
  • Mobile ready
  • Historic taxpayer information
  • GDPR Compliant

Multiple Payment Options

  • Secured for Internet payments
  • Integratable with any local certified payment gateways
  • Support for mobile payments

Collection Support

  • Comprehensive collection for tracking & reporting
  • Automatic delayed payment notifications
  • Automatic penalty calculation
  • Late payment notices/warnings template management  
  • Risk profile analysis

Valuation Management

  • Flexible valuation model definition
  • Multiple property valuation criteria configuration
  • Exceptions & exemptions handling
  • Multidimensional valuation architecture

Open Architecture

  • API for exchanging tax data with other authorities
  • Strong tax data security

AIOS ET is tailor-made for government agencies and public institutions. This platform offers scalability, robustness, and security – everything that they need in a land tax collection solution and more. Our technology and expertise are capable of empowering public service leaders to speed up the process of digital modernization and transforming the way public authorities interact with citizens.