AIOS Land Administration

The backbone of public land administration

AIOS LA was designed for improving land management systems, drawn up as the information backbone of cadastral and registry services handled by public institutions and other organizations from this domain.

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Land Administration Solutions for Government and Public Institutions

Land is mankind’s primary resource, it’s worth stretching above and beyond the physical land itself. When used efficiently it translates into great economic returns and benefits for the owner and their nation. By applying AIOS’s land administration solutions and systems, government agencies and public institutions can take advantage of several benefits.

AIOS renders end to end solutions that are flexible and interoperable for land management. Our scalable approach includes a synergy of data and enterprise development with varied alternatives in both customized independent services and integrated solutions.

Our comprehensive land management systems are capable of assisting and strengthening government agencies and public institutions at different levels throughout the world. We have the land survey measurement equipment and know-how to help you keep pace with the latest technology and developments

Key Features of Our Land Administration Solutions

We design all our solutions to ensure secure links to records, functionalities, data distribution and reviewing. Our systematic methods and state-of-the-art land area measurement equipment allow us to build solutions from square one or harness our clients’ current technological ventures. Major features include:

Moves the cadastre office fully online

Automates administrative flows and processes data in real time

Improves efficiency of public services while growing central budget revenues and stimulating the real estate and investment markets

Increases the transparency and accuracy, decreases costs and expedites the public services for the citizen.

Builds a better connection between citizens, businesses, governments and properties, based on their legal ownership

Business Dedicated Functionality

AIOS offers integrated land management equipment to utilize these vital land administration solutions for public institutions. Our modernized services involve:

Systematic Registration

  • Cadastral map
  • Business rules engine
  • Validation process
  • Bulk spatial data load and validation
  • Citizen complaints support
  • Complex data comparison
  • Data exploration
  • Citizen notifications

Case Management

  • Business rules engine
  • Smart Workforce & allocation management
  • Online ePayments
  • National registries integration
  • Attach scanned or digital-born documents
  • Digital signature validation
  • Application process notification
  • Billing Component
  • Application on-demand and scheduled reports
  • Portal application status transparency

State Property Management

  • Registration and management of owned, rented and other judicial status properties

Property Registry

  • Reservation Mechanism
  • Spatial and juridical exploration
  • Bulk editing mechanism
  • Legacy data exploration
  • Legacy data conversion
  • Real-time document generation

Spatial / Geographical Data Management

  • Spatial and juridical exploration
  • Real-time spatial data validation
  • Web GIS advanced analytics
  • External spatial data source integration
  • Legacy data conversion
  • Import & export
  • Automatic processing for split & merge workflows

Land Portal

  • E-mail, SMS notification & newsletters
  • Cadastral exploration
  • Online registration & ePayment
  • Systematic registration publicity
  • Application status monitoring
  • Citizen portfolio
  • Public registries
  • Marketplace

AIOS aims at facilitating the reliable management of data, improved throughput, functioning, effective assimilation of commercial processes, accountability, and better decision making through its land administration solutions. We take care of different kinds of business requirements whether they need abidance with ever-changing standards or application of appropriate service delivery initiatives.